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HUMINT Training & Solutions LLC

Invictus Ve‚Äčritas

About Us

    HTS works with more than 100 highly professional individuals covering a wide range of intelligence, subject matter and technical expertise.

  • HTS draws from many professionals with extensive in country language and regional experience which fully blanket the Balkans. These individuals have strong backgrounds in analysis and journalism and have lived and worked in the Balkans. Many have native language capabilities and extensive regional all source collection capability.
  • HTS also draws from an extensive list of experienced instructors with a wide array of backgrounds coming from the CIA, FBI, Military and other Federal and local law enforcement agencies.
  • In addition, HTS works with a large pool of experienced roll players for training exercises and surveillance training.  

    HTS owns it own dedicated classroom and training facility conveniently located near many restaurants and hotels.  

    The president and CEO of HUMINT Training and Solutions is Bradley C Johnson, a retired Central Intelligence Agency officer. While working for the CIA, Mr. Johnson had many years of direct Intelligence, CI, CT and Counter-Narcotics operational experience.

     His background includes experience and special training for working in the most dangerous operational environments and extensive training and experience in denied area operations.He is a senior expert in surveillance/surveillance detection issues. Mr Johnson speaks Spanish, Romanian, Moldovan and basic Russian and is a member of the National Native American Law Enforcement Association and the Virginia Private Investigators Association.